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- 'Zombie' Worms Found in Mediterranean Fossil
- Worm Seeks Worm: Chemical Cues Drive Aggregation in Nematodes
- New 'Thermal' Approach to Invisibility Cloaking Hides Heat to Enhance Technology
- NASA's Swift Narrows Down Origin of Important Supernova Class
- Planck All-Sky Images Show Cold Gas and Strange Haze in Milky Way Galaxy
- Crucial Advances in 'Brain Reading' Demonstrated
- Rare Animal-Shaped Mounds Discovered in Peru
- Sound Rather Than Sight Can Activate 'Seeing' for the Blind, Say Researchers
- Theory of the 'Rotting' Y Chromosome Dealt a Fatal Blow
- Engineered Bacteria Effectively Target Tumors, Enabling Tumor Imaging Potential in Mice
- Why Some Animals Live Longer Than Others
- Ancient DNA Holds Clues to Climate Change Adaptation
- It Takes Two: Brains Come Wired for Cooperation, Neuroscientists Discover
- Life Beyond Earth? Underwater Caves in Bahamas Could Give Clues
- Ancient Popcorn Discovered in Peru
- Global Sea Level Rise: NASA Mission Takes Stock of Earth's Melting Land Ice
- Why Spring Is Blooming Marvelous: Switch That Accelerates Flowering Time Discovered
- Why Bad Immunity Genes Survive: Study Implicates Arms Race Between Genes and Germs
- Replacing Electricity With Light: First Physical 'Metatronic' Circuit Created
- Jawbone Found in England Is from the Earliest Known Modern Human in Northwestern Europe
- Dramatic Links Found Between Climate Change, Elk, Plants, and Birds
- Researchers Send 'Wireless' Message Using a Beam of Neutrinos
- NASA Spacecraft Reveals Recent Geological Activity On the Moon
- First Dogs Came from East Asia, Genetic Study Confirms
- What Bacteria Don't Know Can Hurt Them
- Brain Cells Responsible for Keeping Us Awake Identified
- Fish of Antarctica Threatened by Climate Change
- Two New Extinct Camel Species Discovered at Panama Canal Excavation
- Believing the Impossible: No Evidence for Existence of Psychic Ability Found
- Massive Volcanoes, Meteorite Impacts Delivered One-Two Death Punch to Dinosaurs
- Abrupt Permafrost Thaw Increases Climate Threat, Experts Say
- Sea Ice Drives Arctic Air Pollutants, NASA Finds
- First Consumption of Abundant Life Form, Archaea, Discovered
- Humans and Climate Contributed to Extinctions of Large Ice Age Mammals, New Study Finds
- Astronomers Explain Blue Stragglers: How Do Mysterious Stars Stay So Young?
- North America's Biggest Dinosaur Revealed
- Why Do Dinosaur Skeletons Look So Weird?
- Sobering Future of Wildfire Dangers in U.S. West, Researchers Predict
- Bats Show Ability to Instantly Change Their Ear Shapes, Making Their Hearing More Flexible
- Materials for First Optical Fibers With High-Speed Electronic Function Are Developed
- Iridescent, Feathered Dinosaur Offers Fresh Evidence That Feathers Evolved to Attract Mates
- Girls' Verbal Skills Make Them Better at Arithmetic, Study Finds
- New Evidence That Comets Deposited Building Blocks of Life On Primordial Earth
- New Fossil Penguin from New Zealand May Be the Biggest Ever
- Castaway Lizards Provide Insight Into Elusive Evolutionary Process, Founder Effects
- Some Corals Like It Hot: Heat Stress May Help Coral Reefs Survive Climate Change
- Newborn Stars Emerge from Dark Clouds in Taurus
- Human, Artificial Intelligence Join Forces to Pinpoint Fossil Locations
- Prions Play Powerful Role in the Survival and Evolution of Wild Yeast Strains
- Highly Exposed to Phthalates as Fetuses, Female Mice Have Altered Reproductive Lives
- New Theory On Formation of Oldest Continents
- Quantum Physics Enables Perfectly Secure Cloud Computing
- Sun Delivered Curveball of Powerful Radiation at Earth
- For Fish, Fear Smells Like Sugar
- Earliest Horses Show Past Global Warming Affected Body Size of Mammals
- Fukushima at Increased Earthquake Risk, Scientists Report
- Bees 'Self-Medicate' When Infected With Some Pathogens
- Savannas and Forests in a Battle of the Biomes
- Transplanted Cells Repair the Brain in Obese Mice
- Brain Size May Determine Whether You Are Good at Keeping Friends
- NASA's Spitzer Finds Solid Buckyballs in Space
- Mid-Atlantic Suburbs in U.S. Can Expect an Early Spring Thanks to the Heat of the Big City
- Artificial 'Womb' Unlocks Secrets of Early Embryo Development
- Surprise: Protons Bypass Hydrogen Bonds but Still Change Molecules
- Hubble Zooms in On a Magnified Galaxy
- Nanotube Technology Leading to New Era of Fast, Lower-Cost Medical Diagnostics
- Enzyme Boosts Metabolism, Prevents Weight Gain in Mice
- Getting the Dirt On Immunity: Scientists Show Evidence for Hygiene Hypothesis
- How the Alphabet of Data Processing Is Growing: Flying 'Qubits' Generated
- Recycling Galaxies Caught in the Act
- Diverse Ecosystems Are Crucial Climate Change Buffer
- Sharp Images from the Living Mouse Brain
- Fossil Moths Show Their True Colors
- Evidence Builds That Meditation Strengthens the Brain
- Helping Your Fellow Rat: Rodents Show Empathy-Driven Behavior, Evidence Suggests
- Deforestation Causes Cooling in Northern U.S., Canada, Study Finds
- Rare Ultra-Blue Stars Found in Neighboring Galaxy's Hub
- Scientists Find Microbes in Lava Tube Living in Conditions Like Those On Mars
- Skin Cells Turned Into Neural Precusors, Bypassing Stem-Cell Stage
- Brain Scans Support Findings That IQ Can Rise or Fall Significantly During Adolescence
- Remote Wilderness Polluted by Humans
- Farthest Developing Galaxy Cluster Ever Found
- Meteorites Reveal Another Way to Make Life's Components
- Implanted Biofuel Cell Operating in Living Snail
- Spider Silk Conducts Heat as Well as Metals
- Out of Africa? Data Fail to Support Language Origin in Africa
- Cassini Spies Wave Rattling Jet Stream On Jupiter
- New Evidence for the Oldest Oxygen-Breathing Life On Land
- Nasty People in the Media Prime the Brain for Aggression
- Biologists Replicate Key Evolutionary Step
- Clearest Picture Yet of Dark Matter Points the Way to Better Understanding of Dark Energy
- Milky Way Image Reveals Detail of a Billion Stars
- Moon-Walk Mineral Discovered in Western Australia
- Genetic Information Migrates from Plant to Plant
- Prehistoric Predators With Supersized Teeth Had Beefier Arm Bones
- Astronomers Discover Complex Organic Matter Exists Throughout the Universe
- Scientists Discover New Clue to Chemical Origins of Life
- Stellar Nursery: A Pocket of Star Formation
- Daya Bay: Discovery of New Kind of Neutrino Transformation
- First Low-Mass Star Detected in Globular Cluster
- Extensive Taste Loss Found in Mammals: Feeding Preferences Shaped by Taste Receptors
- New Comparison of Ocean Temperatures Reveals Rise Over the Last Century
- Greenhouse Gas Index Continues to Climb
- More Than 7,500-Year-Old Fish Traps Found in Russia
- Memory Strengthened by Stimulating Key Site in Brain
- Solar Energy: New Sunflower-Inspired Pattern Increases Concentrated Solar Efficiency
- Self-Centered Kids? Blame Their Immature Brains
- New Class of Antimalarial Compounds Discovered
- Whiskers Marked Milestone in Evolution of Mammals from Reptiles
- Jostling for Position: Competition at the Root of Diversity in Rainforests
- Salty Soil Can Suck Water out of Atmosphere: Could It Happen On Mars?
- Researchers Discover a New Path for Light Through Metal

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